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We specialise in offering IT Support and Services to companies involved in Architectural Design throughout New Zealand. Providing the only comprehensive Architectural Practise Support in New Zealand, GDL works with software, hardware, web, security, networking, remote working, to help you find the solution you need.
Whether you choose to use your existing IT infrastructure, another IT company, or wish us to do it all, our desire is to work with you to help you increase your business.
For all customers with support contracts we are offering a new remote desktop assistance tool.
Remote Control: With your permission, we can remotely take control of your desktop to provide instant service.
File Transfer: Instantly exchange files and folders with you
Remote Diagnostics: Get your system information in a single mouse click.
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GDL use ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), popularly known as ‘documented common sense’. ITIL is a framework of best practices to manage our clients IT operations and services. This allows us to work with you to build better IT Management processes for your organization. and better align your Information Technology with your business objectives.
WAFS software allows remote office users to access and share files over the WAN at LAN speeds. Its real-time replication ensures the same files exist at all locations and file-locking keeps users from accidently overwriting files in use.
It's easy to install and configure on Windows servers and no changes are required on end-user machines.