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Lots of people aren't sure about council elections - how do I vote?  What is STV?  Who is standing?  Why are we voting for a district health board?  What is a licensing trust?  Why do council elections matter anyway?  Doesn't central government make all of the decisions anyway? 

Use this site to make contact with the candidates standing in your area - read their top five reasons for standing.  Ask questions and read the answers they have given to questions others have asked.  Follow their calendars and see what they are up to and where you can meet them in person and ask more about why they should get your vote.


  • Tsunami sirens, signs and evacuation routes

    11 December 2013

    Today the Council voted to not move forward with the tsunami siren project at this stage. Sirens could certainly play an important role for the city but they are now being considered as just one part of a wider suite of alert systems. The Council voted to consider tsunami sirens as part of a suite of alert systems and civil...

  • Council nominates directors for Waikato Regional

    11 December 2013

    Airport John Spencer, Carlos da Silva and Annabel Cotton have been nominated, by the majority of Council Shareholders, as new Board appointments for the Waikato Regional Airport Limited. They will join incumbent director Margaret Devlin (appointed earlier this year) and replace current long standing appointees: John Birch, Alastair Calder and Gay Shirley.

  • Flood victims eye legal action

    11 December 2013

    Frustrated flood victims say the Tauranga City Council could face legal action if it does not fast-track stormwater works. Matua and Mount Maunganui residents planned to use today's council meeting to urge newly elected members to concentrate on fixing their flooding woes, ahead of the draft 2014/2015 annual plan discussions.

  • No exceptions for Council where environment is concerned

    11 December 2013

    A recent case in the Environment Court has proved that Hutt City Council makes ‘no exceptions’ when it comes to protecting our environment. The case, which the Council won, saw a local business operator convicted and discharged and his company fined $30,000 for nine non-compliance offences brought before the court.

  • Enrol now for WBOP by-elections

    11 December 2013

    Time is running out for people to enrol to vote for the upcoming Waihi Beach Community Board and Maketu-Te Puke Ward by-elections with electoral rolls closing next Monday, December 16. Locals in both areas now only have four days to enrol – or check that their enrolment details are correct – to vote in the two by-elections set for February...


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