Hutt Valley District Health Board
September 7th, 2013

What are your views on fluoride & do you think that a DHB should take a role in this issue? 


Candidate Answers



Dear Carol,

Personally I think community water fluoridation is an effective way to provide and make health accessible to all. I also know from facts available to me that there is no risk from fluoride in the water.

I strongly believe the DHB should take a role in this issue by advocating and promoting the health benefits - safe and affordable way to prevent and reduce tooth decay for everyone. 

Absolutely DHB should provide information and facts to help community made a robust and enlightening decision whether they want fluoride in their public water or not and at what dosage..

Community water Fluoridation, in my view is one of many ways to assist in reducing health inequalities and improving the\r\nhealth outcomes. It goes a long way to avoid preventable dental health conditions - Recent national NZ study showed that 40% less tooth decay on average for children in fluoridated areas (ministry of Health\'s NZ Oral Health Survey, 2009.)


There is proven benefits in Fluoridation in the water.I support Fluoridation
Children in floridated areas of New Zealand have 40% less tooth decay than those who live in non flouridated areas.I support flouridation.
Hello Carol

There seems to be some dental benefits with ingesting some form of fluoride, but it appears that we are about to have a public debate as to these merits and any damage that fluoride does.

The Ministry of Health needs to be fully involved in thsi debate, with proper information, for and against.

I have been disappointed with the Ministry's performance on this important issue.


David Ogden