Auckland Council - Devonport - Takapuna Local Board
September 6th, 2013

Based on 2000 petitioners, over 8300 supporters on a facebook campaign and 800 submissions in favour. There has been overwhelming community support for upgrading the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park and extending it’s lease so as to protect the reserve for open space in the future. Do you agree?


Candidate Answers



A message from Aidan...

Dave, my own opinion is that this land should be returned for public use and \r\nenjoyment. The Campground has obviously become a big and emotional issue, but I do believe that most in the community would be satisfied if the land was returned for public use.

I would like to see open space to be enjoyed by all, a great children\'s playground (that I believe we could create from alternative funding), provision/space for camper vans that wish to stay for one night (to retain some of the campground heritage) and the scaled back facility for yachting (as outlined below). Yachting is also a huge part of the area\'s heritage and we have some of the best sailing waters in the world right on our door step. It makes sense to ensure this remains a strong part of our future. The end result I believe would be a sensible win-win for all. This is \r\nall in line with the Shore Future groups position as I have included \r\nbelow.

I believe the future is something we need to be strongly focusing on which is why I have put my name forward for the local board. Preparing ourselves for the future is not something we have been overly good at as a community and this needs to be corrected.

Shore Future position...

This is the Shore Future position on Takapuna Beach Reserve Management Plan & Campground Site that I believe is very sensible:-

\r\n We want to make it very clear that Shore Future is aligned with the \r\ncommunity desire to have this land available for public use and \r\nenjoyment.

In regards to the Takapuna Beach Reserve Management \r\nPlan (TBRMP) and the campground site, the Shore Future team is aligned \r\nwith the community desire to have this land\r\n available for public use and enjoyment and will uphold the agreed \r\nmanagement plan. Shore Future is made up of current Devonport-Takapuna \r\nLocal Board members who have been involved in the TBRMP process and \r\nquality new candidates who have the skills and experience to preserve \r\nand enhance our reserves and beaches.

The TBRMP provides for \r\nmotorhome accommodation and boat storage subject to concept planning \r\nwhich would be undertaken in full consultation with the public.

\r\n The hearing panel that sat on the TBRMP made it clear that the site was\r\n not available for a Yachting NZ (commonly known as the NOWSC) to have a\r\n multi-storeyed office headquarters. However there was an acceptance \r\nthat boat storage was appropriate but that it should be recessed as far \r\nas possible either under or adjacent to Alison Avenue to ensure the \r\nmaximum amount of public open space. The current zoning for the site as \r\nidentified in the North Shore District Plan is Recreation 3 (marine \r\nrelated recreation), which specifically provides for this.

The\r\n decision of the panel was to release as much land as possible to be \r\nmade available for the use of the public in the near future. The current\r\n Board has been working to provide better coastal access between \r\nTakapuna and Milford and this reserve will be an important part of that \r\nlink.

It has been long signalled by previous councils that \r\nthis land should be returned to the public and that was reflected in the\r\n lack of lease renewal rights. When the consent for the cabins to be \r\nlocated on site was granted it was made clear that the consent would \r\nexpire in Jan 2014.

It has been suggested that the best site \r\nfor any proposed ‘sailing centre’ was on the beach adjacent to the \r\nTakapuna Boating Club. The panel recognised that this highly used and \r\nvery popular part of the beach would be hugely impacted by any such \r\ndevelopment, particularly as that is the part of the beach where there \r\nis sand for children to play on and space for families to congregate, \r\npicnic, swim and relax.

Hi Dave

The protection of the reserve for open space in the future is guaranteed through the Takapuna Beach Reserve Management Plan confirmed last May. I agree with you that protection for open space and recreational use is paramount. Accordingly the management plan anticipates a greater area of the Northern Activity Zone becoming available for public use. It also anticipates motorhome accommodation within a more compact footprint and I support that.

The current lease has expired as anticipated when it was drawn up and agreed to by all parties 10 years ago. Any new lease would have to go through a public notification and testing process as required under the Reserves Act. This could only be for a reduced area of the reserve as there is an intention to open up more area to the public and the resource consent for the chalets and house expires in late January 2014.

In the meantime the local board has instructed officers to secure the tenure of the current campground operator to ensure they can operate their business on a reasonable commercial footing and take bookings. I have had a number of discussions with the operator in recent months and they are agreeable to that course. I will continue to support that approach.

My best

Chris Darby

I have supported the retention of the Camping Ground in the past but it has become very unkempt and rundown and I think that it is now time for it to be released so that the general public can enjoy it, as was envisaged by previous councils.  I with other panel members support the ability of some boat storage to be adjacent and if possible tucked under Allison Ave but approximately 85% of the land will become open space for the community to enjoy.  Contrary to comments I have heard space has not been made available for Yachting NZ to have their headquarters developed there.  They have been given a clear message that their HQs can be developed elsewhere but not on the reserve. 
The freeing up of this land will also provide a more open and better linkage to the coastal walkway between Takapuna and MIlford.

I do not believe that public assets should be sold or used privately without the express consent of the voters.

Yes I agree that the  Takapuna Beach Holiday Park  should have its lease extended thus protecting open space for the future

Jan O'Connor

I was one of the original campaigners to keep the camping ground and reserve space at Takapuna Beach and against the NOWSC proposed development for the site. The status quo should remain for at least 10 years, and the situation reviewed at that time when the impact of the Unitary Plan intensification is better understood. The camping ground and the reserve are part of our Takapuna heritage and lifestyle.

Hello Simon,

This is one of the 5 goals I have listed on my candidate profile.  I believe that we must fight to preserve our green areas and deny any encroachment upon them.  The Takapuna Beach Campground reserve is one of these.  In discussing the issue of the campground reserve with members of the public; especially the holiday park and the controversial in (my view) decision on  the National Yachting Centre, I stress the point that we must look 20 – 30 years into the future and ask ourselves what amenities we would like for our grandchildren to have then. I stress the fact that once you give up one of these priceless areas you can never get it back and they can never be replaced.  I add that we must exercise extreme care in any decisions regarding these areas.  I strongly agree that we must hold fast to what we have now.   Well done to you and good luck.  You have my complete support.

Cheers Aye,

Anthony Wareham