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I live in the area I am seeking to represent

Will Moore is a born and bred Wellingtonian, I live in Newtown with my partner Marama, and our two girls Tahu and Amotai.

I pride myself on being open to all cultures. I am committed to developing a sense of pride, place, spirit and community in Wellington

I am a documentary filmmaker, committed to whanau, friends, and the protection of our environment.

I support grassroots we-sufficient communities, grassroots leaders and grassroots democracy.

I want to empower people to grow fruit and vegetables, harvest water, and develop community arts.

I have been part of a team of grassroots leaders (Our Abundance Project) who ran the successful Harvest Festival at Tapu te ranga marae in April 2013.
I am a surfer, gardener, sailor, and was an active Lyall Bay Surf Lifeguard for 4 years before starting my family and becoming a stay home father.

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Top 5 Issues


    Create self-empowered communities, connect people through social/workshop events, provide facilitators and community mentors to help develop community solutions, for business and for the people.

    Safe cycleways, widen footpaths to create dual use. Find community solutions for the Berhampore Village intersection ie 30k zone, over bridge. Look for community feed-back on the idea of self-drive community vans, for sports groups, senior citizens, work groups and after school trips. Investigate free bus fares, by researching cities already providing this service.

    Demystifying council process, allowing for commonsense, simple solutions. Making council processes' more efficient /clearer /transparent for businesses and people to thrive.

    Work on developing and supporting community groups providing spaces for people to congregate and build communities. Spaces including community workshops , art studios, parks and playgrounds, vege gardens and orchards.
  5. DEVELOPING RESPECT FOR OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT - supply city wide drinking fountains to reduce our plastic bottle waste. Harvest our rainwater for community resilience and for garden use. Create community based solutions for local climate change, plant more trees, and street clean up days

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EARTHQUAKE STRENGTHENING - lobby for tax incentives from both central and local government so that property owners and tenants from within the commercial and residential sectors can work together to urgently strengthen their buildings.




Kia ora whanau of the Southern Ward

3 years on from my last 2010 campaign run. I am now a father of two beautiful children. I still wander around the streets of Newtown. I wonder what has happened in the last 3 years, time seems to move at a rate I cannot describe.

The collective conscience of the community I connect with continues to inspire me, and keeps me grounded within the kaupapa of equality, freedom, choice, opportunity and service to each other.

I am still committed to building local, more we-sufficient communities, protecting our environment and developing a sense of pride, place, spirit and community in Wellington.

I support grassroots communities, driven by community viewpoints, based on voices from the street. I want Council to encourage people to grow fruit and vegetables, harvest water, insulate their homes, save power and help themselves.

I helped create the Harvest Festival presented by Our Abundance Project in 2013. This weekend was for community to come together, share in a collective process, develop we-sufficiency and connect communities. This was achieved through workshops, music, and kai.

I will continue to view people compassionately, with respect, and with the knowledge that each of us our connected through many frequencies, many vibrations, many thoughts, many ideas, many beliefs, and that combining these together we can make this village, this community thrive.

Grassroots Democracy entails grassroots leadership, grassroots engagement and grassroots solutions.

contact me or 027 64 64 671  soon to be (updated on 30th of August 2013). 



Authorised by Will Moore of 108 Owen St

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Bylaws to improve residential tenancies?
Fluoridation - do you support it?
Residents parking - is it time for an overhaul?
Island Bay Skate Park - would you support an extension?
 I support extension of the skatepark. 
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