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I live in the area I am seeking to represent

I have lived in Rotorua for 40 years, raised children here, been involved in its activities at many levels and represented it in Parliament.
Rotorua and the district needs to move on and grow. To do that we need to embrace changes that are bold and innovative.
That requires a plan, leadership and energy. I will promote and engage with all sectors of the community that together make our city and district an amazing place.
I welcome diversity. I know the value of working in partnership with all the groups in our community.
I have a personal understanding of how central government thinks and works.
I know how to lead, to inspire, to bring people together as a team to get things done. I have the experience, the vision, the plan and the energy to make it happen.
I am ready to serve and lead Rotorua as its Mayor.

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How will position Rotorua in the case of amalgamation?
What is your position on the Eastern Arterial route?

Rotorua District Mayor

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