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Wellington City Council - Lambton Ward
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Owner and manager, Little Peckish Cafe, Dukes Arcade, Manners Street.
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I live in the area I am seeking to represent

Mark Peck lives and runs a small business in Lambton.

Mark was formally the Member of Parliament (1993 - 2005) for the seat of Invercargill before moving to Wellington in 2005. While in Parliament he chaired the powerful Finance and Expenditure Select Committee and latterly he chaired the Commerce Select Committee.

Mark's foray into the cafe business has been successful. He understands the risks and disciplines involved in investing in and running a small business.

Mark wants Council to regain control over its public enterprises. He wants redevelopment of Community engagement before decisions affecting communities are made. He wants parking services brought back in-house where culture change can be implemented.

All my life I have been working for the little guy. I understand public service and I know that the communities' resources must be for the good of the many.

So I am Standing up for the little guy!

Top 5 Issues

  1. Restore democracy to the council table. Elected council determines the agenda, not unelected officials.
  2. Bring back Council Controlled Organisations and Council Controlled Trading organisations within the ambit of the Council.
  3. Bring "parking" back as a council service.
  4. No rate increases until there has been a complete forensic audit of the councils books.
  5. Restore a community development programme around the provision of services, including greater coordination around the programming of roadworks and "upgrades" of the city infrastructure.

Personal Profile

Who am I?

 -  I am a successful Business Owner:

My wife and I own Little Peckish Café in the Dukes Arcade.  We set up this business in the depths of the recession but nonetheless we have traded successfully. 

 -  I have vast political experience.

From 1993 until 2005 I was the Member of Parliament for Invercargill.  During this time I chaired Parliaments’ Finance and Expenditure Select Committee (1999 – 2002) and Commerce Select Committee (2002 – 2005). 

 -  I live and work in Lambton Ward.

I live in a town house in Thorndon and I own a café business in the heart of the city.  I am the chair of my local Body Corporate.

 -  I enjoy sporting and cultural activities.

I am the President of the Karori Golf Club. I know about the challenges faced by many local sporting clubs, and other community groups.

I enjoy the cultural experiences available in Wellington. It has one of the most diverse range of activities of any of New Zealand’s’ cities from the World of Wearable Arts to local fairs and markets.

 I have developed an appreciation of “fine arts” and enjoy the offerings of many of the cities galleries and artists.

Why me?

Because I can make a strong contribution at the council table; 

Because I care about the impact that the councils’ actions (or inaction) can have on its’ citizens;

Because I understand the role of public service;

And, because these are times of change.

As a small business owner in the centre of the city, I “lived through” the city upgrade project.  What I and others experienced made me determined to use my talents in an effort to ensure that no one ever need go through that debacle again.

I also want to see the city become a welcoming place for people and to do so means that ‘pedestrian friendly’ has to be a primary focus. Parking needs to be sorted out and appropriate vehicular service through the city centre established.

Finally, the council needs to be a strong advocate for the provision of appropriate services for the dispossessed. There can be no pleasure taken at the level of homelessness evident in the city.  This needs to be addressed between the council and Government.

Please visit my facebook page to connect with my campaign and tell me what issues most matter to you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Authorised by Grant Robertson of 220 Willis Street, Wellington

Questions answered by Mark Peck


Mark Peck's Reply

What council mechanisms can we use to make renting better in Wellington?

Yes I would

I believe that there is existing scope at present to make some immediate moves through Council\'s dangerous and insanitary building policy under subpart 6 of the Building Act 2004.

This will give time for a motivated council to work out the terms for a \"warrant of fitness\" for rental accommodation.

I am a \"carrot\" rather than a \"stick\" supporter but in the short term an infraction fee would focus the attention of the culpable landlord to the remedial work needing to be done. 

I say this as a landlord myself. I have had to completely renovate my own property after a previous tenant trashed it. I was not prepared to let my property be let out in a substandard condition.

Thank you for your question.

Mark Peck

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Are we subsidising property values with the current residents parking system?

I have always believed it a right for residents to be able to enjoy the ambience of their surroundings and this includes the right to parking close to their place of abode.

The City Council currently operates a \"resident parking\" permit system for a nominal charge entitling the resident to parking for two vehicles. The cost of the permit merely pays for the printing costs and policing of the system That this is outsourced to \"parkwise\" is another matter altogether and one which I am looking forward to working with other councillors to rectify. 

Apart from bringing parking back in house at the Council I do not favour any change to the resident permit system.  I am not certain whether or not this has any effect on property values as I am not a valuer but if it did, in my view such an effect would be minimal. I think the contention in the question that the residents only permit system is an enormous subsidisation of property values is argumentative and would need considerable substantiation to attract my interest.

As to the remaining parks in a local vicinity I am also not sure I am in favour of an open tender system.  I think with a bit of tweaking the first come first served principle is still the best policy.

I also need to declare an interest in this question as I live in Thorndon. However, I have off street parking at my residence so I do not use a residents permit.

Mark Peck

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New Local Alcohol Policy now how do we use it to minimise harm?
Do you support continuing the fluoridation of the water supply?
So not saving the planet - but what about Wellington?
I recently had an exhaustive session with Gen Zero on many matters relating to the environment, While not directly on the point of ecology, I do see climate change as the key public policy issue of our time.  I do not subscribe to the belief that council can do nothing.  We can all do our own bit to reduce our carbon footprint thereby contributing to the effort that needs to go on. I already do this in my own business and I would want the next Council to take a more responsible attitude to encouraging a better recycling regime for business.  Currently business is not encouraged at all to recycle and much that could be put to better use ends up in the landfill, for example empty plastic milk bottles, glass drink bottles and so on.

As for climate change, I say to the activists, go hard on this.  It matters!

Mark Peck

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