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Dianne has dedicated much of her life to Local Government and the community. A City Councillor for 18 years, nine as Deputy Mayor and a term as a Local Board member, a long-time resident of Devonport is also a businesswoman, Community Magistrate, JP and Marriage Celebrant. Dianne places great value on the area's heritage and natural treasures - our beautiful beaches and green environment.

"I consider that we are blessed to live in this area, and from Sunnynook in the north to Devonport in the south I want to ensure that we continue to deliver sound financial outcomes to meet our communities' expectations so our area remains a safe and desirable place to live and do business in.

With your support I believe that my honesty, transparency, experience and willingness to listen to residents, from our youths through to our senior citizens, will enable this to happen."

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Saving Takapuna Beach Holiday Park
I have supported the retention of the Camping Ground in the past but it has become very unkempt and rundown and I think that it is now time for it to be released so that the general public can enjoy it, as was envisaged by previous councils.  I with other panel members support the ability of some boat storage to be adjacent and if possible tucked under Allison Ave but approximately 85% of the land will become open space for the community to enjoy.  Contrary to comments I have heard space has not been made available for Yachting NZ to have their headquarters developed there.  They have been given a clear message that their HQs can be developed elsewhere but not on the reserve. 
The freeing up of this land will also provide a more open and better linkage to the coastal walkway between Takapuna and MIlford.
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Arts in Devonport - how important is it to you?
Q.1 - Huge significance.  We are blessed to have some wonderful facilities in our Board area, well governed and efficient.  They provide a range of services and opportunities right across the social, economic, and cultural spectrum to all ages and are an important part of the fabric of our community.

Q.2 - This has been an ongoing concern for me personally and should I be re-elected would continue to advocate for fair and equitable funding that would bring our facilities into line with other facilities across the Auckland region.  I know that other members of the Shore Future team support the stance that our Board has taken in the past and also recognise the value that these facilities provide, and recognise the unfairness of the current funding model.

Q.3 - It is clearly an unintended oversight that there is no mention of supporting the arts or arts facilities in the local board plan and can be easily rectified during the plan review process, however the board has always recognised the important role that both the arts and arts facilities play in our community.  I would personally ensure that the supporting role is included in future plans.

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Are you committed to the principles of open government?
Devonport library: replace or refurbish?
Do you support the widening of Lake Road leading from Devonport?
Should rates be capped against the Retail Price Index increases?
Should council proposals be required to contain environmental sustainability analysis?
Should we be paying a mima and a maxima wage to council employees?
Improving public transport in Devonport & Takapuna

Auckland Council - Devonport - Takapuna Local Board

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