Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
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Tauranga City Council - Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward
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Nil disclosed
Marital Status
Partner, Paul Cowley
Four children ages 6,7,9 and 10 years

I live in the area I am seeking to represent

With over 25 years of social and community experiencefrom professional to hands on grass roots involvement, I bring extensive expertise to provide a refreshing style to local government culture in Tauranga invoking atime for change.

I have an enthusiasm for community development in Tauranga which I see as being hugely important in crating collaborative relationships between key stakeholders, including residents,iwi/hapu,social and business sectors, the elderly, women and young people. Effecting robust future planning and city growth needs.

A priority, as a Green Party spokesperson is to work hard to offer value andpromote a green voice on Council. Ethics and principlesthatis relevant to local needs.

My greatest achievement to date is being amother to four young children ages 10.9.7 and 6 years. My partner, Paul is a commercial fisherman, oh yes and we can’t forget our fifth child, Chocolate the cat.

Top 5 Issues

  1. Connected Community
  2. Healthy Environment
  3. Healthy Environment
  4. Leadership that listens
  5. A vibrant City

Personal Profile

Authorised by Delwyn Walker of 53a Esmeralda St, Welcome Bay, TAURANGA

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Tauranga City Council - Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward

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